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MARKET REPORT AMMO SALE 1.6.18  (author D. Williamson)

With the last Cape for the season almost at an end and prices moving up, we were going to see a dearer market for AMMO’s sale on Friday 1st of June.

The reduced supply of good quality and length mohair because of the prolonged drought in the Cape has seen demand steadily rise. While manufacturers were prepared to follow the market, they were not prepared to support the boom and bust price hikes of the past. Fortunately steady rises (and sanity) prevailed and we saw steady increases over this Cape selling season.

Since the last AMMO sale in Australia (November 2017), the Rand has appreciated against the AUD and this meant higher AUD prices for our sale.

Over 28,000kgs were on offer. The offering was well classed and the general quality and length was excellent attracting very strong general competition from the main buyers in the Cape.

AMT Buying for SAMIL 41%

Suedwolle 32%

Stucken 22%

New England 3%

Passed in. 2%


The top price was for first shearing fine Kid

23.9 microns. 4250cpk. 5313clean average 3875cpk. 4844 clean.



Top price 26.5mic 3680cpk 4600 clean Average 3248cpk. 4060 clean.


Strong Kid

Top price 28.5mic. 3205cpk. 4006 clean. Average 2892cpk. 3615 clean.


Young Goat

Top price 32.2mic 2820cpk. 3525 clean. Average 2720cpk. 3400 clean.



Top price 34.5mic 2400cpk. 3000 clean. Avrage 2371cpk. 2964 clean.


Light stain

26.9mic. 2360cpk. 2950 clean.

31.5mic. 2300cpk. 2875 clean.



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