Australian Mohair Company Inaugural Meeting – Parkdale SRS Merino Stud

The Australian Mohair Company was very privileged to be launched at the family farm of Don and Pam Mudford near Dubbo in New South Wales. Around 50 invited growers traveled from Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales to attend the event,20 apologies were also noted on the day.


The whole Mudford family are involved and work on the business both at Dubbo and Enngonia. Sons Robert and Scott together with Sisters Sarah and Tammy and their partners all work at the farm and contribute to the large operation. Parkdale Merino Stud produces 400 rams each year, the commercial sheep flock consists of 12,000 breeding ewes and the Angora numbers are 1000 head and growing. The Mudford family are very passionate about the financial and environmental gains that they can make from their Mohair and Meat production in conjunction with their sheep. The Mudfords have another property at Enngonia where they harvest rangeland goats. They are able to trap these goats, draft off the good white does to mate to Angoras Bucks and the balance go to the meat trade. They are currently breeding up their Angora herd with 1st and 2nd cross kids on display at the field day. The length of mohair was excellent and they show great potential to generate good volumes of mohair with the added value of a good carcass.

don mudford

Don Mudford spoke and displayed figures on the margins in the sheep and goat enterprise, which showed the value of how sheep and goats can work in harmony to generate financial and environmental gains. Robert Mudford spoke about the importance of genetic fat and muscle in sheep and goats.

Cameron Allan, program Manager of feed based R and D for MLA, who is based in Orange and was the Co Author of “Weed control using goats” spoke and demonstrated the advantages of farming goats for weed control.

We also had on display varying types of mohair and mohair products together with yarn and skeins of blended yarn containing silk and wool as well as Mohair produced in Queensland from Australian raw fibre.rosabella yarn

Goatmeat posters produced by MLA and Aus-meat carcass description and cutting guides were on display as well as goatmeat recipes. Order forms for “Going into Goats “(GIG) best practice manual were available for those people who wish to have a hard copy rather than reading it on the MLA website. Membership forms for MLA were also available.

In the afternoon the large audience was divided into four groups, moving between speakers and topics thus every person had the opportunity to ask relevant questions about the animals and all the mohair products. Doug Nicholls was the master of ceremonies and was pleased to launch the Australian Mohair Company at such a great venue with ABC TV Landline recording this inaugural event.

The AMC extend our thanks to the Mudford family for hosting the field day.

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