Welcome to the Australian Mohair Company


The Australian Mohair Company (AMC) was formed by a group of long established Angora breeders and Mohair producers that are greatly concerned about the declining volume of Mohair produced in Australia. The demand for all types of Mohair continues to grow while world production is declining.  Goat meat is also a growing market that Australia is already the biggest exporter in the world. Weekly meat market reports are available on the Meat and Livestock (MLA) website.

 We have never experienced demand for both mohair and goat meat so high

Now is the time to promote our industry and encourage more farmers to run angoras.

The Australian Mohair Company was launched on the 22nd of March 2018 on a very successful family farm based near Dubbo NSW where a large scale merino sheep operation is now planning to run 2000 angora goats. This is the type of farmer our industry needs to attract and mentor. We need new producers and lots of them now. The key is promotion, having a good website with the correct and relevant industry information and experienced growers to mentor new producers. The launch of the AMC was recorded by ABC TV “Landline” and will be aired  in the near future. The emphasis for the field day and “Landline” story was the need for more Angora goats on farms that will produce more mohair and goatmeat and to demonstrate the value of using goats for chemical free weed control on pastures and cropping country .

The AMC website will encompass all aspects around farming of Angoras and production of Mohair.  Link to MLA website “Going into Goats Manual”. The AMC website will continue to be updated as important information comes to hand and  will become a useful and valuable site for both new and experienced breeders to source market information, biosecurity updates and angoras for sale and goat auction sales, case studies and other relevant information. The AMC website and company will evolve and grow over time, we encourage all producers to send us information or photos that we can add to the site and forward questions you require answers to.

 The AMC is for the benefit of ALL mohair producers in Australia both new and existing.

OUR VISION   —-   To promote the financial returns and environmental benefits from farming Angora goats for both Mohair and Meat production. 

IT IS FREE  for SUPPORTERS and MOHAIR PRODUCERS to join the company . Please fill out your details on this site and send them to us. You will receive a return email form us to acknowledge that we received your application.

We look forward to working with ALL mohair producers and industry service providers and interested parties to grow the Australian Angora goat industry.

Yours Faithfully,

Doug Nicholls,  Chairman Australian Mohair Company


Objectives of the australian mohair company - click here