Doug Nicholls

Doug Nicholls
Director AMC

Angora/mohair sheep and cattle enterprises Breeding angoras for 38 years.

Currently running 2000 angoras on two properties in east Gippsland with 1000 sheep and Angus cattle.

In 1999 we travelled to South Africa and formed a partnership with an established stud breeder, Mr Peter Cawood. Embryos have been collected from animals in our joint breeding program and imported into Australia on 3 occasions and progeny been sold throughout Australia and New Zealand and the UK. During 4 visits to South Africa we have attended mohair auctions, Zegna trophy presentation dinners, shows and stud sales.

In Australia we have exhibited at and organised at over 100 shows and have conducted on- farm sales, hosted field days, classing and judging schools, and bus tours throughout Victoria and Tasmania and NSW and South Australia.

Executive positions held in Mohair Industry organisations include President, Secretary and Treasurer of Mohair Australia, at National, State and Regional levels.

Over the past 10 years we have been sending our mohair to South Africa for sale, through one of the major brokers and have co- ordinated shipments on behalf of other producers who wish to do likewise.

Professional experience outside of farming include Banking and Owner/ Manager of Real Estate business. ,

Keith Cowen Shearing Shed

Keith Cowen
Adviser to AMC

Started breeding Angora goats in 1979 on the family farm based near Weethalle NSW.

Registered the Yarran Park Angora stud in 1980 and have sold Angora genetics in Australia and exported overseas.

Currently running 400 stud Angoras in a mixed farming operation with Merino sheep and winter crops.

Over 40 years of experience in livestock production, 28 years working with Dr Jim Watts and the SRS Company.

Nine years on the Australian Mohair Marketing Organisation board, seven years as chairman.

Have worked closely with processors and end users for many years.

Justine Hall

Justine Hall
Adviser to AMC

1966 – Established sheep and wool farming business in Gippsland, Victoria

1972 Converted enterprise to focus entirely on goat farming for mohair, meat and stud breeding markets, conducted on farm embryo transfer programs, exported stud animals to France and New Zealand, conducted on-farm mohair production wether trials and ran a commercial herd of 1200 angoras..

Extensive involvement in Goat Industry promotional activities, field days, and seminars.

Study tour, South African Angora Industry

1987 – Honorary Life Member, Angora Mohair Breeders Australia (AMBA now Mohair Australia)

2006-2008 Industry Liaison and Promotion Officer for Mohair Australia Ltd (part time)

Involved State and National Farming bodies

  • VFF rep and later Vice president and President Goat Industry Council of Australia, – facilitated the compilation of the “Going into Goats” best practice manual.
    NFF Quarantine and Environment Committee
  • RIRDC Rare and Natural Fibres Advisory Committee

Qualified Occupational Therapist